Screen Printable Strain Gauge, Stretch Sensor, Wearable Technology Sensor for Smart Products.

Printable Strain Gauge Stretch Sensor. Screen printing.
  • [ High Deflection ] – Up to 100% Strain (depending on strain capability of fabric). Our stretch sensors perform best with a Poly/Spandex mix which will strain to 60%. High deflection strain gauges are great for creating wearable products that can measure pressure, strain, and general deformation.
  • [ Piezo Resistive ] – Resistance decreases with positive or negative strain. These Strain gauge stretch sensors drop resistance when strained. Excellent for tracking/measuring joint angle and bio-mechanical strain.
  • [ Low Power Consumption ] 3.3V or Higher Battery required. Regular strain gauge sensors exhibit Piezo electric properties (increasing resistance when strained). Perfect for DIY wearable tech product prototyping. Starts at ≈4MΩ resistance and ends at ≈100kΩ
  • [ Low cost ] Our Strain gauge sensor kits will make between 10 and 50 sensors depending on size and thickness. Other high deformation strain gauges can cost hundreds of dollars per sensor.

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